Anyone can run…and here’s why!

Running is often seen as a binary activity – either you're a runner or you're not. However, this perspective is flawed. The human body is designed for movement and functions optimally when properly maintained through the right nutrition, regular exercise, and occasional maintenance. Contrary to popular belief, anyone can become a runner with proper training and the right mindset. As someone who doesn't consider themselves a runner, I struggle to understand the appeal of donning lycra attire, braving various weather conditions, and subjecting unsuspecting passersby to my heavy breathing and less-than-graceful running form. The key difference lies in how much we care about others' opinions. Some worry about being judged, while others run solely for personal fulfillment without giving external judgments a second thought. For beginners who are intrigued by running but hindered by self-doubt, there is a solution: runnyhoneys, an all-female running group. This supportive community provides a platform for those eager to embrace a new form of exercise and overcome mental barriers. It's an opportunity to embark on a fulfilling journey towards becoming a confident runner.

Running Tips

We interviewed the experts at runnyhoneys to gather their top tips for making running a little bit easier. One of the key elements to consider is what to wear. Investing in proper running shoes, fitted by specialists like Alexandra Sports, can ensure comfort and minimize the risk of injury. Additionally, finding a well-fitting and supportive sports bra is essential for both comfort and preventing any unwanted distractions while running. Websites like and offer a range of high-quality sports bras that provide optimal support during exercise. During darker winter months, it's important to wear hi-vis gear to ensure visibility to drivers. Storing essentials like keys, money, and a phone can be a challenge, but products like Running Buddy pouches offer a secure and convenient solution. Finally, layering clothing is advised to accommodate unpredictable weather changes.

In terms of starting your running journey, it's crucial not to rush into it. Gradually increase your running time by incorporating short runs into your walks, allowing your body to adapt over time. It's recommended to find a running buddy or join a group class to stay motivated and improve stamina. Having a companion helps to foster competition, encouragement, motivation, commitment, and provides a sense of safety. Listening to your body is also vital – if you're feeling unwell, fatigued, or nursing an injury, it's important to take a break and let your body recover. Proper breathing techniques, utilizing your full lung capacity, can help overcome initial difficulty in getting enough air while running. Maintaining good posture while running not only improves performance but also reduces the risk of injury. Incorporating yoga or Pilates classes into your routine can help with stretching, posture, toning, and overall well-being.

Real Runnyhoney

New member Frances shares her journey of joining runnyhoneys and explains the motivations behind her decision. Despite being a self-proclaimed non-runner during her school days, Frances, now 36 years old with two young children, has reached a point in her life where she feels mentally comfortable with herself. After befriending Lizzie, one of the run leaders from runnyhoneys, Frances expressed her desire to leave the memories of her school running experiences behind. However, being a size 22 and not regularly engaging in physical activity, she was concerned about how her body would cope with running. She asked Lizzie if runnyhoneys could offer an extended, plus-size course for individuals like herself.

After six months, Frances decided to join the 10-week runnyhoneys course, determined to prove to herself that with hard work, determination, and support from others in similar situations, she can become a runner. While she acknowledges that she may not be the fastest or most glamorous runner, that doesn't matter because she's doing this for herself. The first week involved a pub meeting to discuss the course expectations, history of runnyhoneys, schedule, and costs. Frances was thrilled to meet other participants who were also signing up for the course. The first session consisted of a 30-minute power walk, which Frances found completely achievable. To her surprise, she wasn't at the back of the group and even led for part of the return journey. Given homework to repeat the power walk twice more before the next session, Frances felt motivated and went out on her own to complete the walks. With each walk, she covered a greater distance and felt less fatigued. Although she initially couldn't comprehend the sense of freedom people feel while running, even power walking gave her a taste of that feeling, leaving her eager for more. Frances acknowledges that it's still early in her running journey and actual running hasn't started yet, but she understands that the only way to find out if she can do it is by persevering.

Catching Up With A Honey

We had the pleasure of catching up with Lizzie Mant, the enthusiastic leader of Petersfield's runnyhoney running group. Lizzie shared her personal journey and insights into the world of running, offering valuable advice to those interested in taking up this invigorating activity. Lizzie has been a dedicated runner for several years, finding immense joy and self-confidence through her running routine. She attests that running not only keeps her physically fit but also provides mental clarity and allows her to indulge in her favorite foods without worrying about restrictive diets. Running has been a part of Lizzie's life since childhood, influenced by her father's love for the sport. For the past four years, she has been consistently running three to four times a week. In addition to running, Lizzie incorporates other forms of exercise such as cycling, swimming, and walking into her daily routine, making fitness a seamless part of her lifestyle. When asked about the benefits of running, Lizzie highlights the positive impact it has on one's overall well-being. Aside from boosting cardiovascular health, running contributes to stronger bones, aids digestion, and promotes mental clarity, especially after a long and tiring day. Lizzie encourages individuals to explore the reasons why they should embrace running, suggesting that joining a local running group can foster new friendships and create a support system that enhances the running experience. For beginners who are eager to embark on their running journey, Lizzie recommends starting with a structured program designed specifically for novices or trying out the popular Couch to 5k plan. Overcoming initial worries and insecurities, she emphasizes the importance of simply giving running a try, as it may lead to unexpected personal growth and enjoyment. For those who struggle with body image issues, Lizzie suggests starting running during the winter months when darkness provides a sense of anonymity. Regarding the choice between running alone and running in a group, Lizzie acknowledges the advantages of both approaches. Running solo offers flexibility and a meditative experience where one can focus solely on their own breathing and footfalls. However, running in a group provides the opportunity for social interaction, valuable conversations, and the motivation that comes from shared experiences. Lizzie believes that running with others can lead to fulfilling friendships and an increased commitment to regular exercise. In conclusion, Lizzie's advice is simple yet powerful: Just go out there and give running a chance! One will never truly know if they enjoy it unless they try. Lizzie's dedication as a runnyhoneys leader and her passion for helping others achieve their goals is evident in her own achievements and contributions within the running community. If you are interested in joining a running group, visit the runnyhoneys website or reach out to them through their Facebook page.

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