Beetroot and Fig Flapjacks

Beetroot can be quite divisive - it's either loved or despised by people. Personally, I fall into the category of beetroot lovers (I would do anything for a beetroot, cheese, and salad cream sandwich every now and then!). So, I decided to experiment with incorporating it into flapjacks. Instead of using the actual beetroot, I used beetroot juice to avoid any mess and achieve a more delicate beetroot flavor. The best part is that it gives the flapjacks a beautiful dark pink color.

What’s In It?

When it comes to making delicious and nutritious porridge, this recipe is a winner. With its main ingredient being 400g of porridge oats, you can be sure that you'll be starting your day off right with a hearty and filling breakfast.

In order to add a touch of sweetness, 100ml of maple syrup is used in this recipe. This natural sweetener not only enhances the flavor but also provides some additional health benefits. The 150g of unsalted butter gives the porridge a rich and creamy texture.

To make this recipe even more exciting, 100g of dried figs are added. These chewy and naturally sweet fruits add a burst of flavor and provide some extra fiber to keep you feeling satisfied throughout the morning.

For an unexpected twist, 70ml of beetroot juice is included in this recipe. Not only does it give the porridge a beautiful pink color, but it also adds a subtle earthy flavor that complements the other ingredients perfectly.

If you're feeling indulgent, you can top off your porridge with some chocolate. This addition is entirely optional but can take your breakfast to the next level of decadence.

How Do I Make It?

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